More Filmmaker Job Resources

At work on the set of MOON. Just wait until you see the VFX!

Time to update some of the resources available to people looking for work.

The Headings are the links.

Old ones:

Below the Line Production Listings

I still like this service the best for learning about what is upcoming. They have productions listed at all stages, and also give an idea of what is trending.

Women In Media

This networking, advocacy, and education group continues to be worth the membership price. Since the recent CAMERAderie initiative finalist production extravaganza, multiple people who participated in the connected Illumination trainings and worked on shows have been accepted into unions, and found paid work on projects at higher levels. They got to show off their skills, and connect with hirers – and here is the result.

Filmmakers – remember the WiM Crew List if you want to source excellent crew members for your shows.

New ones:

At the recent Cinegear Expo in Los Angeles, I met long-time boom operator, Jeff Humphreys, who has started a new employment listing service especially for people seeking short term and day player crew members. The site is easy to navigate and it is simple and fast to create a profile.

The most useful feature is the Availability Calendar, which puts the control of your work in your hands. It does appear to rely on your IMDb page as a credits list – but I’m hoping that soon an ability to add a resume to show the work in commercials and industrials that does not appear on IMDb will become available. 

Another nice feature is that your contact information is protected. According to the site you will only ever be contacted via DayPlay chat. 

WiM members – the site is still male dominated – they need an influx of women workers! Currently free to create your profile. I hope to interview Jeff, whose upcoming project is Guardians 3, very soon.

Staff Me Up 

With a cautious optimism, I am now recommending this site as a job finding resource. Several clients have reported finding real gigs via this site.

As always, caveat emptor, YMMV, and nothing replaces networking with people, keeping in touch with your colleagues and friends, reaching out to congratulate folks on successes, and reasonably regular updates to your resume and then sending that to past bosses and supervisors.