Resume formats you need

If you are working in production as a crew member or even a department head, you would be wise to have at least two of these formats – the Credits based and an ATS compliant version of your work history.

The truth is that you are far more likely to use the credits based format most of the time. But wait, there’s more.

Your credits based format might well need several versions – one for feature films, one for television, one for documentary, one for reality/ENG – depending on your work history and to what type of project you are now applying.

PLUS – if you are a multi-hyphenate working across several different departments, with lots of credits, you might still want more versions of each of these that highlight the credits in different departments.

I recommend building a “foundation resume” with all your credits divided by type of media, then make several versions ready to go placing each of those different media groups first on the page. Also customize your Summary – which is effectively your introduction.

Think of the first line of the summary as your log line.

Yes, it WILL take some time at first to build these documents, but once that is done, the updates and customizations are easier.


Watch this space. I’ll be back with more on this soon. In the meantime gather your information, and for goodness sake KEEP RECORDS of all your gigs and jobs.

Here’s a set from a recent shoot in my backyard, just for fun.