Learn how to write a fantastic cover letter – FREE books this weekend

Work In Production Part Two book cover
Here it is!

Announcing my new book and newest venture

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my second e-book, “Work In Production Part Two: How to write a killer cover letter that the UPM will actually want to read.”

It’s a great follow up and companion to “Work In Production Part One” which is about writing your resume for work in Film and Television production. However, if anything, Cover Letters has even wider appeal, since most of the information and self-reflective exercises throughout the book can apply to just about ANY cover letter, and even help you gain clarity about your career goals.

Now available for Kindle, I am celebrating by offering both of my books in a special promotion for FREE this weekend – Saturday November 11 through Monday November 13. 

During these three days, don’t click on Read for Free which is an Amazon Prime  program, but rather the Buy Now button which should then allow a free download. If you do grab the free copies, I’d appreciate a review.

Now on to my other announcements:

First, I’m reopening my Done-For-You Resume and Cover Letter writing service, and will be available to work with a limited number of new clients in the lead up to the holiday season. I will be raising my prices next year, so get in now at the current rates while you can. As always, I offer three free notes for improving your resume as an initial trial, then you pay a non-refundable deposit, with the balance due when you find paid work.

Remember too that I offer a 10% discount for enrolled students.

My second announcement is that I am thrilled to have been accepted as a Volunteer service provider at the great non-profit group, Chrysalis, which provides job hunting skills training and support to homeless and low-income individuals. I supply One-on-One services to people who are keen to improve their lives, at the Santa Monica location. I write resumes, sometimes cover letters, practice mock job interviews, and help with online job applications. I love it, and as usual, I learn so much from every client.

Chrysalis is one of the many non-profits that is supported in part by John Paul Dejoria, as I learned when I saw a KCET screening of the recent documentary about him, Good Fortune (2017). It was neat to reconnect with JP at that event. He was a close friend of my late father-in-law, actor James Coburn, and I had met him once up at the house. He and Dad took a yearly trip together to sail around the Mediterranean. I felt I had a pretty good chance to be invited to interview when I used JP as my referrer in my Volunteer application.