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Interview: Pete Hammond, Writer, Film Critic and Presenter

  Working in production is not the only way to have a great career in entertainment. For people whose talents turn to critical thinking and writing essays rather than screenplays, you can have a fulfilling, successful career as a film

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How to Follow Up on a Sent Resume

Calling the production office to follow up on a resume was always my least favorite part of the process. I hated the feeling that I was bothering people, and for a long time I had the notion that if they

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Interview with award winning Editor, Stephen E. Rivkin

I am thrilled to present the wise words of ACE Eddie Award winning picture editor, Stephen Rivkin. As well as being the recipient of several industry awards for editing, he is also an Oscar (R) and BAFTA nominee, for his

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Interview: Producer Ron Singer

  My friend Ron Singer of That’s Hollywood has been working as a UPM, Line Producer, Post Production Supervisor and Producer of indy feature films since 1998, after being an actor for 10 years. Known for such enjoyable fare as

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