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The Pursuit of Excellence

Here we are in the middle of the year, about to start the season when all the big fun movies come out. “Popcorn movies”, “tentpoles” – big budgets for hopefully big returns, and genre pieces that rarely challenge expectations, but

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Currently closed – but lots to read every month

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A Month of Romance Movies

February is not only Valentine’s Day, but also my husband’s and my wedding anniversary. These are my personal favorite romantic movies that I will watch happily over and over – in no particular order. Watch one a day and fill

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LEE Filters new catalog is a fantastic resource

“Think LEE”, the new LEE Filters catalog is a gorgeous compendium, not just of their products, but also wonderful information for anyone working with light including Cinematographers, Gaffers, concert and theater Lighting Designers (my heart’s great love), and architects and

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How to Structure Your Portfolio

Design Portfolio Best Practices Part Two Designers and creatives seeking work will have three parts to their interview presentation: résumé, references and portfolio. I’m assuming that your résumé, cover letter and excellent phone skills got you in the door. Now

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The Low Budget Film World

If you have read my Five Tips article, you know that I strongly encourage everyone starting out in the business to look for work on the highest budget, most prestigious projects that they can find, including internship opportunities with well

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