How to write your resume – step-by-step free course

A page from my journal with my word of the year for 2019 - Persistence

I have just created a new free mini-course that will take you through writing your own ATS (Applicant Tracking System) compliant resume, ready for customizing. To gain access just sign up to my email list, over there on the right.

The first day gives you a quick overview of the course, explains why ATS optimization is important, and tells you the information to gather.

On the second day the course proper starts. You will design your letterhead, and format your headings.

On the next day, you will start to add content, with your Education and any Community Service and start to learn how to write your duties in a clear and effective way.

The next lesson is the big one – filling out your Work Experience, and all the duties that are part of each job in your history. You will learn the correct way to format your past jobs so that the ATS doesn’t shunt your resume to the bottom of the pile.

The final part leads you in writing out your Summary, and talks about customization opportunities.

Now, this course is a little different from much of what I write here, because it is designed to work for any industry that advertises (or lists) jobs especially online, on corporate careers pages, or jobs boards. It will help for advertised jobs in Entertainment, too.

(Just as an aside, I recommend checking the corporate site when you do find an attractive job listing anywhere else, to confirm that it still is current and is correct. Mistakes do happen, albeit rarely such as a job being listed as full-time when it is a part-time or a volunteer position – which I have seen before.)

If you have questions about any part of the course, you can ask them on my Facebook Page or look out for when I do a Live FB Q&A, as I do periodically. Here’s a link to the last one. I welcome feedback on the clarity of the material.