Jobs for Introverts

One of the best jobs for introverts is writing

I’ve contributed, along with several other experts, to this article talking about the best jobs for introverts, or people who prefer to work alone.

The jobs that I mentioned are production accountant, different kinds of editors, graphic designers and other people doing visual design work, researchers and number crunchers, and foley artists.

These are all jobs where people work primarily or often alone, while still being part of the overall collaborative art forms of film and television. When I mentioned the article to my husband, he immediately pointed out that foley artists often work in pairs, but I think it depends on the project and type of audio being created.

What I didn’t talk about is writing. Fortunately almost all the other contributors do discuss many different kinds of writing gigs. However, screenwriting, while often a solitary pursuit, will always include a social element. Stories, episode concepts, new show ideas, the script itself – all of these will eventually have to be pitched to somebody for approval and financing. The best path to success there is meticulous preparation – a pithy but brief elevator pitch, solid documentation (synopsis, treatment, financing deck), and having practiced your presentation.

Job hunting itself can be tough for introverts, because of the necessary networking. I’ve offered tips in the past to help introverts (and everyone) with their networking strategies.

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