Writing a Killer Cover Letter book

Coming Soon!

My next e-book for Kindle is coming along nicely. I’m so looking forward to being able to publish this guide to help you to write great cover letters for each job application. That’s the first key right there – customizing your letter every time, even if it’s just a few words.

Here are the Three Stages of cover letter writing.

Early Career and Entry Level:

Your cover letter is a sales document, working with your (properly formatted) resume to highlight the benefits you bring to a company, and showing your great personality and unique traits, which would make you an asset to the production. It should include who referred you to the job – if you have a referral from your networking. Remember, show off your enthusiasm and willing spirit, not your knowledge.

Middle Career:

Your excellent credits speak volumes and your letter mostly consists of reminding people how they know you, and where you last met. You almost certainly have a referral, or have been invited to send in your resume.

Established Career:

“Great to hear from you. I’ll be available after thus-and-such a date. Let’s meet for lunch next week to talk about your project.”

The book will go into some more depth about the kind of questions you should ask yourself, when planning your cover letters, what researching the company and people can tell you, how to stand out in good ways, and what to avoid.

Stay tuned.