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Theater Jobs – Stage Manager

Photo via Good Free Photos by Amy Richard of Oregon Shakespeare Festival performance. Every theater production needs a Stage Manager. This person is the right hand of the Director. They do all the scheduling, record all the progress, and hire/supervise

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LEE Filters new catalog is a fantastic resource

“Think LEE”, the new LEE Filters catalog is a gorgeous compendium, not just of their products, but also wonderful information for anyone working with light including Cinematographers, Gaffers, concert and theater Lighting Designers (my heart’s great love), and architects and

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Getting The Most From College

When I was first working in theater, I felt lacks in my own skills. So I enrolled in some Technical College courses in Sydney, Australia. I would guess that the equivalent here in the States would be found in Community

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Interview: Production Designer Bill Cole

  I am delighted to present this interview with my friend set designer Bill Cole. I met Bill about 18 or 19 years ago. He gave me the chance to work with him in his art department making props and scenic

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Your “Other” Jobs

How do you show that your other work is relevant to filmmaking? Especially when you’re first starting out in the business, you will probably have some, or many jobs, that have nothing to do with making movies or working in

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Some Thoughts About Theater Towns

I’ve lived and worked in many cities and countries around the world. It’s interesting to me that some cities are more known for theater than others. The truth is there is theater everywhere, but it isn’t all equal. When I

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Theater Jobs – The Designers

*This is the first of an irregular series detailing the jobs and duties of various professions in show business. The books I link are those I have read and used.  Theater designers work in a wonderful collaboration to bring the

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Job Interview Tips for Film or Theater

Here in the US, film and theater can be some of the most casual work environments ever. The shlumpy person hanging around the production office in the rattiest jeans and oldest faded t-shirt is liable to be the Director. In

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Theater Myths and Mishaps

One thing about working in theater – you can depend on something to go wrong. On stage mishaps, especially ones where the audience somehow doesn’t hear the story, become the stuff of myth. There is one story, probably apocryphal, about

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Don’t Make These Common Cover Letter Mistakes!

Recently I wrote an article at ProductionHub, Tips For Creating a Solid Production Résumé, detailing the top seven mistakes people make on their Production Résume’s. Here’s a companion piece about the seven most prevalent mistakes I see on people’s Cover

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