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Writing a Killer Cover Letter book

My next e-book for Kindle is coming along nicely. I’m so looking forward to being able to publish this guide to help you to write great cover letters for each job application. That’s the first key right there – customizing

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“How to Format Your Resume” will be FREE for a limited time

You can download my e-book “Work In Production Part One: How to format your resume to start or upgrade your career in Film and Television production” on Thursday and Friday, December 22nd and 23rd, for reading on your Kindle, or

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New Job Searching tips

As people continue to search for jobs they love, and ask me to help them with their resumes, I continue to learn and improve (hopefully) as a resume coach. Here are a couple of things I have learned recently, one

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My book is now available on Amazon for Kindle

Here it is, newly available on Amazon for Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTQPITS Here’s an excerpt: “In my film career, I have worked in the production office, a tiny bit of Wardrobe, and in the Art Department, doing everything from On-set Dresser to

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Prepare for Internships

It may seem early, but if you are in College it is time to start thinking ahead to your Spring and Summer internship opportunities. People on regular season TV shows will be planning their hiatus projects and there are new

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Time to make some changes

Well it seems that I have to change one of my most cherished procedures and pieces of advice – at least most of the time. I have learned that resume viewing algorithms don’t like PDF’s, and find it challenging to

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4 New Trends in Job Seeking

Here are four trends in the world of human resources, that might apply increasingly to showbiz job seeking. 1.Longer Résumés The old advice to keep your document to one page has definitely gone by the wayside. Hirers generally expect to

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Career Paths – Where do I start to get where I want to go?

After spending quite a lot of time recently helping individuals with their entry level job searches, and noticing the variety of paths people can take to reach their end goal, I think I may have found a useful shortcut. Many

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Interview: Producer Ron Singer

  My friend Ron Singer of That’s Hollywood has been working as a UPM, Line Producer, Post Production Supervisor and Producer of indy feature films since 1998, after being an actor for 10 years. Known for such enjoyable fare as

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Finding Regional Film Production Work

  Location Shooting     photo credit: BC Gov Photos via photopin cc “They are shooting so many films here in …… these days.” With more tax breaks for production companies, more US films will be shot in regional centers,

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