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Theater Jobs – Stage Manager

Photo via Good Free Photos by Amy Richard of Oregon Shakespeare Festival performance. Every theater production needs a Stage Manager. This person is the right hand of the Director. They do all the scheduling, record all the progress, and hire/supervise

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Film Jobs – The Art Department

The head of the Art Department in film is the Production Designer, while in Television the same job is called Art Director. Just to make sure of maximum confusion, in films the Art Director is a separate position, reporting directly

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Networking Skills

Networking is the foundation of finding work in show business, no matter what area you want to make your career. A personal referral trumps a poorly formatted resume, limited credits, and lack of experience. Knowing someone is the best way

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What does Success mean to you?

And why is determining this so important? One of the questions I ask my clients to answer is to finish this sentence: “I will consider myself a success when…” Much of time people write simple responses like “I am working

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How to write a killer cover letter that the UPM will actually want to read – Excerpt

Today, Monday Nov 13, is the last day to get “Work in Production Part Two: How to writer a killer cover letter that the UPM will actually want to read” for FREE on Kindle. The regular price will be $4.49,

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“How to Format Your Resume” will be FREE for a limited time

You can download my e-book “Work In Production Part One: How to format your resume to start or upgrade your career in Film and Television production” on Thursday and Friday, December 22nd and 23rd, for reading on your Kindle, or

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Movie Jobs – The Cinematographer

The Cinematographer or Director of Photography is the head of the camera department. This person works most closely with the Director in supporting the theme and telling the story, and other than the Director has the greatest influence on the

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Finding Regional Film Production Work

  Location Shooting     photo credit: BC Gov Photos via photopin cc “They are shooting so many films here in …… these days.” With more tax breaks for production companies, more US films will be shot in regional centers,

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Getting The Most From College

When I was first working in theater, I felt lacks in my own skills. So I enrolled in some Technical College courses in Sydney, Australia. I would guess that the equivalent here in the States would be found in Community

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Interview: Production Designer Bill Cole

  I am delighted to present this interview with my friend set designer Bill Cole. I met Bill about 18 or 19 years ago. He gave me the chance to work with him in his art department making props and scenic

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